How could a process so simple yet life changing cause so much chaos? On July 25, 1978 Louise Brown was born healthy as can be with the help of IVF. When the news got out to the media some people were surprised yet bothered and upset. The public went crazy with morals and ethics.  Paul Ramsey a Protestant theologian at Princeton University was completely against IVF. He published his inappropriate expression towards IVF to social media, claiming it was wrong for Physicians to alter the genes of an IVF baby (Pence, 106). He claim that IVF was a “sinful” process and that it was wrong for physicians to try to “play God” (Pence, 106). When putting religion into his disturbing comments, most then assumed IVF’s evil and wrong. Others like Ramsey stated that In vitro fertilization was “unnatural” because a human being was to be created with sexual intercourse by a couple who had love and feelings for each other (Pence,107) and not a petri dish in a lab.  Because IVF was seen as unnatural, IVF babies were seen as “monstrous” (Pence, 107).


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